Thursday, March 14, 2013


Not a lot to report on, hence the lack of posts. I spend so much of my day writing that sometimes, even though I know I should post and I want to post, the idea of typing more words on this big white screen is more than I muster up the energy to do. Yes, that is today's excuse for not posting daily like many do (and you know who you are, Amimental.)

The gout is not gone, but it is better. I find that if I get really tired and stressed, it tends to flare back up. I'm trying to get some really good sleep in each night so that doesn't happen. Yesterday I was sleeping wonderfully when I got a charlie horse in the GOOD leg. Watching me limp on both legs was amusing, I'm sure, although it did not FEEL amusing.

Work is keeping me hustling as usual. I am currently being considered for hire by three companies, and since my work load is already pretty intense, it could get interesting. Nice to be in demand, especially when I know people who are scrambling for work. If I could shove off some my overflow to them, I would. Topics fly left and right and today, yes, just TODAY, I will be writing about GPS systems, renaissance festivals, a new colony of emperor penguins, South American folktales, pharmaceutical careers, and astronomy. Fighting any chance of Alzheimer's left and right, baby.

Last night Nicole and I got to see my all time favorite author in person. Jodi Picoult was in town for a reading and I was thrilled to finally see her face to face. She is an incredible writer and does a fabulous presentation. Confident and interesting and funny. I had her sign my book and had her picture taken and tried and tried to come up with something to say that wasn't like what the other 200 people in line were saying. What I finally came up with was, "Thank you for writing books that make readers better people. You make us walk in other people's shoes to understand them and that makes us less judgmental." I think she liked that. Of course, I have been on the other side of the book signing table (although never with 200 people in line waiting. I think I might have hit 25 a couple of times.) and I know how you are often so tired that you sometimes completely miss what people say, and just keep smiling and signing.

Not much else new to report. Kids are busy. Nicole is flirting online, Caspian is searching for volunteer positions, and Coryn has applied to three international jobs that would take him far, far away for the summer. They keep me busy and oh, how they make me laugh. Nuthin' but joy, those kids. They make the stress fade away, and replenish me with glasses of ice water, hot heat backs, occasional back rubs, and frequent hugs. I'm a lucky one.

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