Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Time Keeps on Slippin', Slippin', Slippin' into the Future

(Apologies to the Steve Miller Band for the use of their lyric.)
Have you ever looked around your house and realized how fast time is passing and how quickly your children are growing, developing, and changing? That has been happening to me lately. My kids are growing up and moving in such interesting directions.

Nicole's traveling days seem to have come to a halt for now and she is in the midst of flirting online with some young men she met through a dating site. She shows me profiles and messages (which range from eloquent and articulate to pitiful and vulgar) and we groan at the one liners that took no effort whatsoever to compose and devour the long, detailed messages that show personality and intelligence.

Coryn applied this week to two jobs . . not just typical jobs, of course. One is for a travel assistant to a couple with two children who go all throughout the world. The other is to help in an alternative school in Germany. No flippin' burgers for this kid, no . . .. off to see the world. Amazing how I help him search for these opportunities, help him fill out papers, and then all I can think is how much I will miss him if he gets either one.

Caspian. . . my sweet boy who struggles to find his place and direction . . . is currently exploring different yoga workouts and has, once again, quit playing World of Warcraft, recognizing it is not always the best choice for him. What I'd really like to do is find him a great girlfriend. He is such an amazing young man and he would do as much good for the right girl as she would do for him.

So, there they are, changin' like crazy. Me? I just sit here and keep writing and wishing my gout would disappear (it's better, just takin' its darn time!) and marveling at the creatures Joseph and I created and how they make the world a much better place.

Time keeps on slippin . . . .


Medical Librarian said...

Oh, no. Now I have that song stuck in my brain. :)

Nomadic Nicole said...

Pat yourself on the back though, because you helped us, your kids, go in these directions. Without you and dad, we wouldn't have the guts, the bravery, the resources, Hell! The money! Thank you on behalf of us. :)

And don't think that you aren't changing and growing too. You're transforming yourself by making different decisions in work and in your life. Be proud of YOU lady, I know I am.