Thursday, April 24, 2014


Life is all about adaptation, right? Rolling with the changes. Accepting new directions. Going with the flow. And I'm trying, really, I. Am. Trying.

First of all, in yet another one of the many ongoing snafus of freelance writing, I have been paid less than half of our average income this month. That average income, of course, was just barely making it, so half? Half isn't even close. Thank goodness for a generous daughter willing to share her paychecks. Thank goodness for sons who give whatever they can. But really . . . why, oh why, oh why can't I be paid when I am supposed to be????

Second, jobs--and the search for them--are all over the place. Nicole has gone from part time to full time. Joseph has the first job he has had since we moved here in 2001. He is working 2-3 days a week at the local nursing home. Having him gone like that feels very, very strange.

The boys are applying to jobs left and right. Coryn has two job interviews next week so far. Caspian is, as I write this, riding his bike in downtown handing out resumes wherever he can. How we are going to get everyone to work with one car is still a puzzlement, but we will figure things out between cars, bikes, and mass transit.

I am rolling with it, while trying to keep up with deadlines that are speeding up fast--work IS coming in more and more these days, and I am grateful, but sometimes keeping focused is not so easy.

Adapt. Easier than it sounds.

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