Friday, April 25, 2014

Replacement Parts

I should have gone for the full warranty. I want the one that replaces ANY part that fails, breaks, or just doesn't function properly.

No, not for the car or the computer. For ME! Body parts replacements, covered by the warranty for my lifetime. Why isn't that offered? (Of course, none of us could afford it if it was, right? )

Yesterday I woke with foot pain. Not gout. Other foot. No injury. No trip, fall, stumble, nuthin. WHY DOES IT HURT? It hurt on and off all day, causing me to limp pretty good. By bedtime, it was better. Then it woke me all night, every time I turned over. Today I am hopping. WHHHHHHHHHY!?!?!?!  (be sure to insert appropriate levels of whininess here.) [Side note . . . the computer does not recognize that word. Ha. Doesn't know me well enough at all.] I have NO CLUE what it is besides really painful and extremely annoying. I will put ice on it and see if it helps. Then I'll try heat if it doesn't. I'm already elevating and wearing warm slippers. Other than that, I will try swearing and limping and see if that helps.

On another note, this morning we took Nicole to work (as the sun was coming up) and then Joseph went to work. It is the first day I have sent him off to work in over 13 years, so YES, it feels realllllly strange. It will be quiet here! Caspian was up until 3 a.m., so will probably sleep until noon. I bet I get a TON accomplished with no one to ask me questions, say they're hungry, need help finding something, have a problem to figure out . . in other words, I can focus. (This is me trying to convince myself I won't be lonely.)

So I am off to work, limp, and wonder why in the world I didn't find one of those damn warranties so I could replace my left foot this afternoon.

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Barbara said...

Ami said today is your birthday so I want to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and hope the foot pain is gone.