Sunday, December 28, 2014

Back to the Grind . . .

Oh gosh, did I love having three days off. Truly a gift for the holidays! I wish I had felt better so I could have made better use of the time, of course. I didn't make the cards I'd planned or finish all the books I'm reading (although I did finish two and hit my reading goal for the year!). I did a lot of swearing and limping and sitting on the couch, but I got to be with my guys, and I had long talks and video chats with my girl.

Now, it's back to reality. Dead lines. Due dates. Sigh.

Sure, we have a short week thanks to New Year's, and I am grateful for that, truly. I plan to take off New Year's Day and hopefully feel so great, I will spend it doing all of those other things I didn't do this past week.

Update on the whole foot/ankle thing. . . I suspect it wasn't gout as the meds made no difference at all. The foot is still very swollen and I have little motion, but the pain level has backed off. This is good because on Thursday, yes, Christmas morning, it was so bad, I began asking Joseph to go out and buy me an axe and put it under the tree. We even ended up renting a wheelchair. Sheeeeeeesh. Doctor's appointment is Tuesday. List is ready. Questions are written down. Wish me luck. This girl needs some answers.

Oh, and more time off. I like that a bunch!

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Ami said...

I want answers for you, too. And I want the variety of answer that goes something like, "Well here's your problem. Take this prescription and you'll be fine in a week."

I know that love and hugs don't do a damn thing to make it stop. But they make your heart happier, yes?