Tuesday, August 19, 2008

All's Quiet on the Home Front

Shhhhh. Listen. Do you hear that? It's . . . silence. (Well, almost. With my tinnitus, there really is no such thing.) Two of my children have gone to camp, so it is just Joseph, Coryn and myself at home. The house just has this big void in it but I know that my kids are off having a great time. This camp (Not Back to School Camp) is the highlight of their year. I miss them terribly and plan to send out care packages tomorrow morning.
Other news . . . work is increasing at last. In fact, I am up for some of the most exciting (read:intimidating) projects of my career. One of them is for fiction, an area that I've toyed with but never taken seriously--until now. I actually have a list (I ALWAYS have lists) of upcoming projects and it looks pretty healthy. After the last few months, that is most welcome.
Also, since I know how to upload pics now (I can be a slow learner), I will be posting pics of the family and such from now on. This one was taken at Ft. Stevens near Astoria, Oregon. We were camping for the weekend. Coryn is on the bench, then Caspian, Nicole, Copper (the dog) and Joseph. Are they gorgeous or what? I am one lucky woman.

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Ami said...

What do you send in your care packages?

I won't be sending anything, probably. It wouldn't be appreciated anyway.