Thursday, August 7, 2008

More Fun than One Woman Deserves

Today I finally had my ultrasound for my parathyroid glands. They found two that are dysfunctional so we are looking at surgery in the first part of September. The ultrasound was a piece of cake. Gotta love a medical test that causes no discomfort whatsoever. Then I went in for the consultation with the doctor and had SUCH fun, I can't begin to tell you.

The nurse came in, filled out the usual forms and then said, I will be back to spray your nose.

Beg pardon?

Not familar with that phrase, ma'am. Gonna come back and do . . . what?

Spray your nose. It's the first step in preparing you for having a camera go up your nose and down your throat.

I BEG YOUR PARDON? When did I sign up for this, may I ask?

APPARENTLY, I was put on the schedule books for a consultation and a FULL ear, nose and throat exam. And APPARENTLY, this includes having an acid like foam shot up both nostrils and down your throat, making you feel like you inhaled nail polish remover. At this point, I am completely puzzled as to why the H--- this is being done at all.

So . . . the doc comes in and we chit chat a bit . . he goes over the preliminary findings on the ultrasound and then I ask, WHY am I having this most unpleasant exam? Does it have anything at all to do with my surgery or my parathyroid glands?


Then why, why, why am I having it done? And paying BIG bucks for it, I am sure . . . . And he said, Oh. I guess you don't need it. And I didn't have it done. And man, I am almost embarassed to tell you how proud I was of myself for saying STOP. That isn't one of my strong suits, you see.

So, yea, it wasn't fun but I gained a little self esteem too. Even trade, don'tcha think?

Other news . . if you know someone who wants bunk beds or a great ottoman, we're selling them.

I now understand why money suddenly seems scarce. . . . in July we made (GET THIS) one-tenth, yes ONE TENTH of what we made in an average month. In other words, almost nothing. No wonder my budget fell apart.

Sigh. Some days just exist to add gray hairs. Today's had a touch of nail polish remover in them, I'm sure.

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Ami said...

I've had the nosecam before.

The spray is definitely the worst part of it.

Well, I'm voting for your surgery costing one tenth of what you expect.

Cam I get an amen?