Monday, August 11, 2008


I am having an ethical dilemma.
The hospital where I am to have my next surgery will not schedule you, if you are non-insured, until you go through a financial screening process. In order to do this, they want the last three month's income as a base for their formula. With the income I get, being so erractic and unpredictable, this is really, really hard. If I give them April, May and June, we are too high to qualify. If I give them May, June and July, we will probably get a slight discount. If I give them June, July and August, we probably will have to pay very little. So, what do I do? Three months is not an adequate way to assess our income and I have tried twice to explain that, to no avail.
So do I give them the high months? Nope. Do I give them the middle ones or the most recent ones? If I play by their rules, it seems like I give them June, July and August (once it is over) as that seems the most logical. But man, it is not an accurate representation.
Weighing honesty against really needing the financial help right now with $25,000 plus in medical bills piling up.

Other news . . . saw a FANTASTIC small theatre play this week called "Pylon". If you live in the Portland area, I highly recommend it.

Missing my mom more than usual--not sure why but I'd give anything to call her other than all the times I do it when I am sleeping.

Getting ready to ship two children off to camp this next week. Man, will the house seem quiet without Caspian or Nicole. I am hoping to introduce Coryn to Free Geek because I think he would love it there (a computer repair/volunteer/training kind of place for non-Oregonian readers).

Still trying to sell those bunk beds and ottoman. Sure you don't need one of them?


Ami said...

I understand what you're saying about being ethical, but according to their own rules, you should use the last three months. You're not attempting to deceive anyone, you've even told them how erratic your income is. The way I see it, you've shown great integrity and a desire to do the right thing.

And I'm glad to see a post from you, since I called you today and you were not sitting next to the phone waiting for me.


Gary & Bev said...

Hey, Sweetie,
I second Ami. You are following their rules!! And you tried to explain things to them. Let them deal with the results of their own red tape. You might want to document the number and dates of the times you tried to explain to them. Snic. . .hehe.

poeticajasmine said...

ethics are flexible. get the discount.