Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just a Note

Just a quick note to update those who wanted to know how the surgery went.
It went fine. They took out one gland==it was 25 times the usual size, so good thing, eh?
I have to admit, I wasn't really prepared for it to hurt this much afterwards. I can't lie down at all and am incredibly sore. My throat is torn up from the extra large breathing tube they used too. I'm taking pain pills but they just take the edge off. Last night, I fought a pretty good fever all night. It was still 102 when I got up this morning. Now it's down to 99 but I am sure am shakey.

This is not how I pictured my recovery time. I have work due on Monday and I'm going to have to feel a whole lot better than this before I can do it. I was hoping I'd be tired but comfortable. This ain't comfy, believe me. I feel like someone hit me in the neck with a baseball bat a few times.

Anyway, didn't come on to bitch. Actually just to update. Today is my 26th wedding anniversary too. I don't think we will do a lot of celebrating but we sure are grateful that we have each other.

More later when I'm a bit less feverish and more rested.

Thanks for the good thoughts you all sent--much appreciated.


Ami said...

Happy Anniversary.

You know that part in the wedding vows where it says in sickness and in health?

I'm looking forward to the health for you.

And what the hell are you doing in front of the computer when you're supposed to be resting?

Gary & Bev said...

Just got caught up. I don't check in here often enough. Hope things clear up for you quickly. Sending love and prayers.