Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wish Me Luck!

Well, it is 10 pm. and I have have surgery in about 9 1/2 hours. I went to the pre-op today and went through blood tests, an EKG and typical exam stuff. All was well. Listened to the list of risks of the surgery (eek), how long things will take, what to expect and so on. Nothing surprising. I've done hours of research on the topic, so I didn't think anything would be.

So, I probably will not post for a bit. I have work to get back to ASAP and that will be my second focus. My first will be recovering. I plan to spend all of tomorrow, post surgery, napping and resting. I hope to do the same on Thursday and perhaps even on Friday. ON Saturday, I will begin doing some work and on Sunday, a bit more. OF course, my opinions on all of this may easily change once I have the actual surgery. Ha.

So tomorrow, I go into surgery at 7:30 Pacific time. If you can, send a prayer, think a good thought, cast the stones, dance around naked, bow your head, chant under the moon or whatever works for you and I am sure I will know it. Most of all, I am planning to close my eyes and think about my mom. I know that she will be there in spirit in any way possible. I can already feel her smiling at me.


Ami said...

Well, it's midnight. I woke up with a little upset tummy, and of course thought of you.

I'll be thinking of you until I get that phone call, then I will relax a bit.

Meanwhile remember these words:

Don't go toward the light.

Melanie said...

De-lurking to let you know you're in my thoughts. I'm an early arriver at work so figured I could cast a few stones and dance around naked; glad I remembered the janitorial staff before doffing more than shoes.

Sending you positive thoughts!