Saturday, October 18, 2008

Of Rants and Raves

My husband is currently suggesting to me in his not so subtle fashion (i.e. repeatedly, loudly and frequently) that I need to start a second blog. This time it should be dedicated to ranting about the ups and downs of life as a freelance writer. This is probably out of self defense more than anything else. Right now the place I go to rant is HIM. I rant about editors who tell me one thing and expect another. I rant about editors who change their minds about something AFTER I've finished the assignment. I rant about editors who, six months or more after I have turned in a book manuscript email to ask me where I got the statistic at the bottom of page 54. I don't know! I've written a dozen books since then. I can't remember, so I have to dig through notes until I find it. I rant about editors who want revisions in 2 days even though they have had the manuscript for a year. Occasionally I rant about deadlines that I am not meeting, research that is impossible to find or interviewees who don't respond to my questions or phone calls. But, yea, mostly I rant about editors.

I have the best job in the world, mind you. I can do it at home, at my hours, in my pajamas. If I need to get up and run an errand in the middle of the day the only permission I need is my own. I get to be with my kids and answer their questions, attempt to solve their disputes and hug away hurts instead of doing it over the phone or when I get home that night. I really am lucky. But, it isn't all peaches and cream. I have dozens of bosses and man, can they be tempremental.

Recently, I had an editor say that I had written a part of a book about the differences between Christianity and Chinese superstitions with a clear bias towards the superiority of Christianity. If you know me well at all, you're already chuckling. Between the two, you can bet I would choose the Chinese superstitions.

I ranted for an hour over that one. Joseph listend with kindness and patience, with a mention of another blog every few minutes or so. But you know what? He also wrote me this really sweet little note and handed it to me while I was working. 26 years and he can still be so romantic. I put it up on my bulletin board. It's a reminder that even if I do start a new ranting blog, he will remain my favorite sounding board because blogs are nice, but Joseph offers sweet notes, soothing hugs and soft kisses. No competition.

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Ami said...

Why don't you just blog about it here?

This would fulfill many requirements, among them my wish that you'd blog more.

You'd have something to blog about, you'd generate some sympathy from who-knows-where, and it would just give you one more outlet.

I say he's right, but only partially. Blog about it. Do it here.