Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Do YOU Do This?

Each family is, of course, very unique and has its own peculiarities. However, lately we have started to wonder if some of the things our family does and takes for granted is or is NOT done in other families. So, let us know:

1. Do you share food, i.e. do you mooch off other family member's plates, asking for a french fry or six, reaching out to try something new, etc. ?

2. Do you each have your own drinking glasses at the table? Do you ever let someone else drink from your glass?

3. Do you talk, laugh or otherwise communicate while watching tv shows or movies together (at home, not in the theatre)?

4. Do you ever/never/always share your bedroom with any/all of your children?

5. Do you avoid letting your children see you or each other without any clothes on?

6. Do you think that you are the only normal family you know and everyone else is bizarre?

Please let me know. Feel free to be anonymous if you prefer. Although somewhere, someone WILL know how you are. (Wicked laughter)


Ami said...

We don't share drinking glasses or utensils or eat from the same plate.

While watching movies at home, sometimes we talk, but usually not. Sometimes we all have something to say, so we pause the movie to say it. Then, someone has to pee. So everyone else heads for the kitchen to get a snack... or I head for the laundry room to flip laundry from washer to dryer.

Then we watch the rest of the movie. Unless my mother calls. Which happens frequently.

I have not shared a bedroom with my children since Lyssa was five.

I don't think my family is the only normal one out there, though. I'm sort of a whatever works kind of person. I may find you (generic you) weird, but it really doesn't make any difference, you're entitled.


Ami said...

Oh yeah. And we're a pretty modest family. I'm more comfortable wandering around without much on, but early in our marriage, Eric let me know that it bothers him. He associates it with his mom who was often out of control and not dressed when people came over because she was drunk. He was embarrassed because she showed a lot of flesh to a friend of his in the 8th grade, and the lesson 'stuck'. So I have changed my style a bit and we all dress privately.

Gary & Bev said...

We don't often take food of each others plates, but have been known to take a child to the Flagpole, buy one ice cream cone and take turns getting in our licks. :D Or going on a bike ride, stopping at a gas station and passing around a pop, everyone getting a sip till it's gone.

Yes, we talk and laugh during movies. Sometimes if it's a family favorite we have 2 or 3 of us quoting along with the movie.

We shared our bedroom with our kids till they were about 5. Now we share our bedroom with everyone, cause our bed is in the livingroom. But they all have their own, so no one else sleeps in our bedroom.

We tend to keep our dressing to the bathroom, however, when it gets to be just Gary and I, we will probably be way more relaxed.

NO!! We have ALWAYS thought that our family was bazaar and everyone else was normal.


Gipseemom said...

We so share food, share like a thief shares money with a bank...
We don't talk during shows because I get a little torqued - I wanna hear what is being said
We do share our room but mostly with the dog and cat...
God forbid anyone drink out of anyone else's glass - ewww cooties
Our family is very modest about the clothes thing. Sorry, but I don't want to see your underwear while I'm eating breakfast...
And I know for a fact that we are the only normal family on the planet! Modest, too.

WritingGoddess said...

Bev--Joseph loved your comment about being a bizarre family and everyone else was normal. Made him sincerely chuckle. It's interesting to me to realize that things our family does and takes completely for granted are not things others do . . . Make me wonder why other families are doing that we've missed so far.