Sunday, February 22, 2009


Where is it written that after we lovingly and sweetly help our children through a bout of illness that mother must get it also? I think that we should be exempt since we are the ones applying hot packs, bringing medicine, making couch beds and all of that for the sick child. Yet, here I am, dealing with the headache, couch, incredibly sore muscles and temperature that my youngest was so kind to share with me when he was finished with them.


It's not the consuming horror of the stomach flu. It's not the blinding pain of post surgery. It's just the "I feel like someone ran over me with a steam roller last night and lingered on my head" sensation. Plus, there's this cough and as my family is fond of reminding me, when Mom gets a CHEST cold, it's a BIGGGGGGGGG problem. :)

So, I am trying valiantly to get over this fast because I have work due this week that I had planned on covering this weekend and didn't. At the same time, I am even more valiantly wishing and hoping that Joseph doesn't get this. Did I mention that the only thing WORSE than your kids and yourself being sick is having a sick husband? Yup.

That is a super ugh.

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