Friday, February 27, 2009

SOSS (Send Optimism and Sympathy Supplies)

HELP! I've run out. I'm dry. The shelves are empty. The cupboard is bare. The larders are nonexistent. I need supplies. Send shipments. Spend the extra money and overnight them. The situation is dire.

I am out of good moods.
Happy faces.
Good sense of humor.
Snappy comebacks.

You see, eight L O N G days ago, L O N G days, the first of the Orrs got sick. It was Coryn, ironically, the one who leaves the house the least. That was Thursday. Then 48 hours later, my turn. Then Joseph. Then Caspian. Finally Nicole. Yes, the entire family, although SO FAR, the dog and cat seem to be okay.

And I've been a good mom, really. I've comforted and commiserated. I've hugged and held. I've made cups of hot tea and glasses of ice water. I would have also been a good wife, but when the husband is sick, he suddenly does not know me and withdraws, so I didn't get the chance. And I don't mind--honestly. These people are my lifeblood and I would do anything in my power to make them feel better but I feel like my reserves are gone. When I reach in to pull out some "I know you feel like crap and I am so sorry hon--what can I do?" I COME UP EMPTY HANDED.

So if you have to have some optimism and sympathy just sitting around, getting dusty and you don't really need it because your cupboards are well stocked, would you please send it this way? I promise I won't waste it. I won't spend it on drugs or alcohol (although it's tempting). I won't give it away or let it spoil on the shelf. I will put it into use immediately. Everyone will benefit. Bail me out, people. It's the spirit of the nation right now, RIGHT?

(I'll be waiting.)


Freakmom said...

Tomorrow is the last day of February, then it is March. Everyone knows once it is March spring is practically here and we've survived yet another winter!

Not sure if that is the optimism you're looking for but it is the only thing that's gotten me through the last week.

Feel free to spend it on booze. Cheap bottle of wine, brown paper bag optional.

Gary & Bev said...

Hey, Sweetie,
just read this. Sending tons of love and sympathy from Indiana. Spend it as needed, then email for more.

There is hope-there is no one else in your house that can catch the wretched stuff!! Just hang on for one more day . . . and another after that. It will start to get better each day.

Wish I could come over and help.

Love you!