Monday, February 23, 2009

It's a Double Ugh

He started getting sick yesterday afternoon. Now we are both sitting (lying) here with temperatures and coughing and moaning and groaning and not sleeping. I've had more fun. This stuff really is wicked. The body aches are some of the worst I have ever known. Just think of all the character I am developing through this . . . somehow . . . right? Please?

So, that's my update for now. Sick son is almost completely over it. Sick husband will most likely peak out today. Sick me is just trying to forget I'm sick and get back to work to make up for what I missed doing over the weekend. Other son and daughter remain (knock on wood) healthy and we would all like to keep it that way.

Send healthy thoughts.

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Gary & Bev said...

Hey, Sweetie, Hoping things will smooth over for you soon. When kids and hubby are sick, no matter how Mom feels, she is expected to help the others. If Mom is sick, she is expected to take care of herself. I've never quite understood just how this works, but it always seems to be what everyone expects.

Take care,