Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just Updating

This will be a short post.
The Plague is still running rampant in the family. Everyone is coughing until they sound like they are Death's Door.
Coryn, who got it first and seemed completely recovered, woke up feeling terrible again today.
Joseph is juicing in an attempt to get better faster. We will see.
Nicole is still coughing and sniffling away but now and then I see a glimmer of a smile back on her face.
Caspian coughs terribly, sounding a lot like an angry dog barking. We'd be really annoyed with him if it wasn't so obvious that he is miserable.
I am coughing more than when I started and trying to find a comfortable place on the couch. I have discovered there aren't any.
But . . . life goes on and we will too and yes Dad, this too shall pass and we will all be mighty grateful to have our health back . . assuming it ever returns.

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