Sunday, March 22, 2009

Life IS Good

I have kept diaries, journals and now blogs for most of my life and I think I have noticed a trend. I write/post a lot more often when I am unhappy with life. On the one hand, this means that if you don't see a new post, it's a good thing. But it also means I have developed a habit I don't want to continue. So, in an attempt to reverse my lifelong trend . . .

I am posting today to say I am REALLY happy.
The other day I woke up and felt very strange. I tried to pinpoint it. Was I worried? No. Did I feel sick? No. Was I in pain? No. In fact, what I was feeling was HAPPINESS. It had been a while and so I frankly didn't recognize it at first.

Now, I wake up happy every morning. We are all DONE with the Plague. My hubby and I worked lots of things out and are closer than we ever were. My kids are doing really well (Nicole is happy with Jon, Caspian is eager to fly to the east coast and Coryn is just usually a pretty mellow fellow). I don't know much about how my oldest is doing, but I keep an eye on her blog to check in and like the rest of us, she is eager for the return of spring and summer. My work is still not back to where it was but several new jobs have come through that have worked out well and are helpful. So, yes, I am happy.

I think this should last but . . . our appointment with the tax people is this week, so no promises. I plan to just lie on the floor and weep. I don't have any money for the lovely IRS and Oregon State. They don't take children. They don't barter. They don't take books in trade. They don't have a lot of patience either. Good thing they take payments or else they would have to put me in jail and I was not designed to be somebody's bitch (other than Joseph's). :)

On that note . . . . I'm happy. Hopefully I will post again soon anyway.

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