Thursday, March 5, 2009


So . . . how does a person recognize when what you thought was the flu has turned into something more . . . . lethal?

Is coughing hard enough to throw up for a week straight enough?
Is not getting more than four hours of sporadic sleep each night enough?
Is it hearing a strange sound that you track down to being your lungs squeaking enough?
Is starting on week 3 and no one has truly recovered from this stuff yet enough?

I have wondered if we have whooping cough, but no one "whoops".
I have wondered if we all have pneumonia. Verdict is still out on that one.
I have wondered if we will ever be back to normal, or as close as we get at least.

We have used heat packs.
We have used cough syrup.
We have used hot tea.
We have used lots and lots of water.
We have used Advil and Tylenol.
We have used extra naps.
We have used hot showers.

I am out of ideas. Any medical experts out there who would like to put on a biohazard suit and stop by to check us out?

And a thank you to my friend Susie who came by to leave chocolate and a lovely aloe vera plant on my front step. Bright woman that she is, she didn't even come in the house.

Chocolate doesn't help either.
But damn, it sure doesn't hurt.

1 comment:

Ami said...

Well now it sounds like the bug we had from October to January.

Wet pants and frequent underwear changes (until I started wearing protection)? Check.
Coughing hard enough to barf? Check.
Whistling noises from lungs and throat? Check.
Aching Joints? Check. (Although the joint stuff stopped fairly soon.) The cough lingered on and on and on. Have you considered seeking medical advice? It's not like anyone is getting better....