Friday, January 14, 2011

All or Nothing Man

I am married to an "all or nothing" man. No half ways for this guy. No attempts. Just do it.

As the new year has started he has taken this to . . . . heart. (Understatement)

The bedroom now has two pieces of exercise equipment in it.
He is cleaning out shelves and pantries and cupboards.
We are all on a new diet . . . paleo, without grains, sugars, processed foods, etc.
He is establishing set meal times and bed times are next.

Now, on principle, I agree with him. We eat healthier at home. We need exercise. We have too much stuff. We would all do better with a little more routine in our lives.

The problem is when he does it all at once and with five people in the family. We struggle a bit. We don't share his motivations, although I admire them. I am just afraid it will be too much and we will all burn out and hurt each other in the process. I am dealing with bunches of medication changes at the same time and they make me soooooooooooo sleepy, that all I really want to do is curl up on the couch and snooze (WITHOUT snoring).

Sigh. Why can't what is good for us be easy?

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Markell said...

If you get sick of him, send your husband to declutter my house. We promise to send him back as soon as he's finished!