Thursday, January 6, 2011

Early Morning Ramblings

Hey there. It is just past 7 am and it is still dark outside. Although this is the typical time to get up for many, it's pretty early for me. I prefer closer to 9 since I commonly stay up until 12 or 1. So why have I been up an hour . . . . . I could blame it on a backache that made sleeping more difficult. I could blame it on too much on my mind. I could blame it on the occasional hot flash I get that makes me push all the covers off in the middle of winter.
The truth is, however, I could not sleep because of the DOG.
Copper is a great dog. She has slept on our bed since we got her four plus years ago. And I like the feel of her pushed up against me. On chilly nights, I even appreciate the extra warmth. But in the last few months, she has started to SNORE at night (which I can't make fun of because in the last three years, so have I, damn it) and it wakes me up. I sleep with a wonderful sound machine by my head but she drowns it out too. Plus, each snore makes her vibrate and since she is up against me, I feel it. I try nudging her (which turns into gentle kicks after awhile) so she will stop and she does . . . for about 60 seconds . . . long enough that I relax and start to fall asleep and then get jerked back up. I know the solution is to have her sleep elsewhere but that makes me sad and will make her utterly miserable.
So, this morning I just gave up trying to sleep and came downstairs. Sat in front of the computer for a while, posted (DUH) and then I will attempt to go sleep on the couch. Or stay up and work, who knows?

I mentioned before we had out of town company coming yesterday and I am so pleased to say it was a wonderful visit. I have met pen friends in the past and been disappointed or surprised to the point that our correspondence ended after the visit. Not true this time. My friends were delightful and fun and I think they enjoyed Portland, despite the rain. We hit major bookstores, a thrift store, a couple of restaurants and saw a little scenery. We are hoping they return in the spring/summer when the city is much prettier and we can outdoor things like the waterfalls.

Today Nicole's room will get finished painting and mural and hopefully, tomorrow we can start putting things back in it and get the house back under control. She will be going through all of her things and making some donations to Goodwill.

If the dog doesn't quit snoring, I think I will include her in the donation box.

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Markell said...

When my husband snores too much, I put him in the nursery. Maybe you should find a new room for your dog! Good luck.