Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snoring Beauty

Do you remember watching the movie "Sleeping Beauty" and the lovely Aurora is cursed by the witch? She is told that when she is 16, she will prick her finger on a spinning needle and die. I always thought the same thing . . . .. so don't sew, you idiot. Just stay away from needles. Really, how hard is that? There are lots of other professions to go into . . . .

I've decided that the same witch has cursed me. Only she decided at 51, you shall start snoring. And, here's the kicker--since you are an auditory person, you will wake yourself up on a regular basis. So, sleep will be pretty much impossible for more than a few minutes at a time. It's karma coming back for all the times I complained and whined about my mother and father's snoring, I am sure. Drove me nuts. Now I am driving ME nuts. It used to only happen when I was on my back, but now it seems to be an issue on my sides as well. SIGH. An hour's nap today was interrupted nine times so I think that means I didn't rest a bit . . . .At least I don't feel like I did.

Any great snoring cures out there? Don't say ear plugs, cuz if you know me, I have tinnitus and listen to a sound machine every nite. Plugs in my ears would only make things worse and I'd have to start calling myself Snoring Ringing Beauty.


Ami said...

I snore.
But rarely wake myself up.

I don't have any suggestions, since from our bedroom each night, there is a chorus of snoring.

Me. Eric. Maggie.

Markell said...

A cure for waking up OTHERS snoring is separate bedrooms. I know that's sometimes easier said than done!

I've never woken myself up snoring, but my husband Steve says that I sometimes snore and then slap the bed. Snore, and slap the bed. Snore, and slap the bed. When Steve snores, I slap the bed to wake him up. So I must hear it, but it doesn't wake me up.

When Steve snores, I'll tell him "you're thirsty!" He'll say "thank you" and take a sip of water. Then the snoring will briefly discontinue. Sleeping on his side significantly decreases the snoring.