Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Doldrums

Hey gang. Having a rough day and what else to do other than post it for the whole world to see, right? :)

Nah, just a combination of things. This month has been a better one financially, but we were so far behind that it seems like everything that comes in is gone in a heartbeat. We just can't get ahead and the living check to check with a few scary times in between gets mighty old for me. Wears on me. I know a number of you know this song well. Probably can sing it in your sleep (which would look and sound rather odd, so I suggest not doing so.)

Add that to new medications that I am still tinkering with (they drop my BP so much I can't walk across the room without effort) to find the right balance . . . . impending deadlines . . . a new diet . . . and a perennially messy house that my husband is trying to clean up (and I can't keep my mouth shut and let him do it, no, not me. I have to get up and get involved.) . . . a lack of regular sleep, and you get a grumpy me.

Gave my son a haircut last night (no, not Caspian. Never Caspian). Cut it right where he indicated. Ended up way shorter than he wanted. Now I feel like I let him down. I know and he knows it will grow back but I feel bad.

Tired of being tired. Gee, ain't ya glad you stopped by to read my blog today?

Ignore it. I will improve. The doldrums are always temporary. They just don't feel like they are. Tune in a little later and I am sure life will be peachey again.


Ami said...

::Uploading virtual chocolate:::

GinaG said...

Yep, sounds like a menopausal life to me. Nothing ever seems to go right or how it did before. Everything gets off-kilter and just seems to stay that way.

Adding virtual flowers to the virtual chocolate Ami sent.