Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Birthday Post, Part 2

I came downstairs and found a post it note on my monitor telling me to look at my keyboard.

"Step One," it read. "Look at the back door."
It had another note, which read, "Step Two, Look at where dad keeps the plates"
Sure enough, note three which stated, "Step Three, Go to the restroom and look at the mirror"
(And yes, it could have then said something wicked about see the old woman's reflection there, but it didn't.)
Post it note #4 read, "Step Four, go to where we keep the tea".
Number 5 stated, "Go to Nic's room and look at the back of Nic's door"
Number 6 read, "The last one. Step Six, look in the crock pot"
Inside the crock pot was the last note saying, "Happy Birthday Mom" and a beautiful necklace I had admired week's ago in a store.
This gift was from my son, Caspian. The one who hates to write wrote out those notes and taped them around the house. He touches my heart.
They all touch my heart.

Oh, and Nicole's gift to me . . .she bought it before she even went to Alaska. How is that for planning ahead? It was one plaque that reads, "Danger Mother at Work!" and another that describes that once we were just mother and daughter, but now we are blessed enough to also be friends. Both go in my office where I can see them every day

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Anonymous said...

Tami, Happy Birthday!! What a wonderful surprise in the crock pot. You have raised such thoughtful children.
Thinking of you and sending you warm wishes.