Sunday, May 15, 2011

Whazzup with the Orrs

Life in the Orr house is coming along well, albeit a tad hectic. Latest news includes. . . .

Joseph finally found out why the VW Thing was not working properly. It was driving him nuts and he had replaced everything he could, read about it online, posted on forums and called friends. At last he has it figured out. We indirectly rejoiced for him.

Nicole's adventures in Alaska continue. She is finished with her training and then she got a week off. She has spent it in Palmer, staying at a horseback riding farm. She has been riding for hours every day and seeing amazing sites. She has also learned to do some cooking and baking, has fed chickens, entertained a persistent kitten, and learned coping skills for living with a couple that tends to fight quite a bit. She returns to Anchorage on Monday, and starts work on Tuesday. Then, she works three days, gets two off, works three, two off, and so on. As an assistant prep cook, she will prepare plates and foods for the servers to take out to passengers.

Caspian leaves on the 24th (only 9 days) for his summer at the organic farm. He is getting eager and already wanting to pick a suitcase and start packing. I admit I am loathe to see him pack bags as I shall miss him terribly, but I am also happy for his upcoming adventures.

Coryn is looking forward to camp in August but worrying, along with his parents, at how we are going to afford it. The balance must be paid by the first of June and since they combined sessions this year, the price is a WHOPPER. I've been trying to save it but it has not been successful as of yet. I keep hoping someone will pay me more or extra or early or something, but we will see.

As for me, I am doing fairly well. I recently was given FOUR new jobs and of course, they aren't due consecutively but simultaneously and it will be quite the challenge to keep up with all of them. I will do my best, but I am guessing the coming two or three weeks will be stuffed full of stress, chocolate, pressure, deadlines and coffee. If I can make it through, I will have earned a bundle and have learned quite a few new skills in the process. I just hope I won't go crazy at the same time.

That's all that is new at the Orr House. If you stop by, leave a message. I always enjoy checking who has come by to see me (except for those damn spammers, that is!)


Julie said...

I always read but I don't always stop in and say Hi. Maybe I think I'll run out of things to say in my letters? :) I'm glad to hear it's going well for Nicole!

Gary & Bev said...

Hang in there, you will make it through. You always do. :D
Glad to hear Nicole is having adventures. Wow!! What experience she is gaining.