Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mother's Angst, Update

My mind kept wandering today as I knew Nicole was talking to her supervisor about her struggles and I wanted so badly to know how she was doing. When she called, I couldn't grab the phone fast enough. It turns out that at least three other people had noticed how unkind a co-worker was being to Nicole and had reported it. This was validating, of course. We tend to think we are being oversensitive or taking things too personally sometimes, and so it helped to know that Nicole's assessment of how she was being treated was accurate. The supervisor stated that the combination of these two was a dreadful one--very different personalities and work styles. She agrees that ultimately a transfer is the best idea and I am betting that will happen. In the meantime, the employee is being "talked to", which may help but I suspect will only make this co-worker more hostile.

In the meantime, Nicole is hanging in there, being stubborn and determined and very unlike the word her supervisor described her as ("meek"). So keep those prayers and good wishes and thoughts heading our way and I will keep you updated on the situation and the mama's angst.

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Ami said...


Now I want to go up and do me some bitch slappin'.

Would that improve anything?

Don't know, but it would make ME feel good.