Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What I Want for my Birthday

Today is my birthday and I am 52. Already I've gotten several birthday cards (my favorite being the one next to my pillow this morning from my hubby with the world's sweetest note in it) and I was serenaded at 12:05 a.m. by two teenage boys, a husband and a daughter on speaker phone from Alaska. I received some most welcome chocolate from amimental (which I am rationing out to myself) and a wonderful box full of goodies in the mail from a friend in Texas.

Although I will work today, I will smile to myself, knowing it is a special day. And I will deeply appreciate every gesture, every note, every card I receive, knowing they were given to me with love. So, here is my brief indulgence in wishing . . . . The four things I wish I could have for my birthday this year are:

1. my mom and dad calling me to sing to me, usually off key but charming and heartfelt
2. Shayne sending me one of his amazing handmade, painted cards
3. Jasmine sitting at the kitchen table and sharing a piece of cake with us
4. Nicole hugging me when I come down the stairs this morning

For various reasons, I will not get these four things, but that's ok too. I had them once and I hold them all close in my heart, so they are still there.

Of course, a check in the mail so I can breathe a little easier would brighten the day as well :) but if not, we will deal with that too. And I will keep smiling because today is my special day.

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Aimee said...

Happy happy birthday, Tami!