Sunday, May 1, 2011

18 and 15

Somehow birthdays just have the ability to make you aware of the time passing, don't they? Remember those pics I posted a few days ago with my grown up sons? Well these pics remind me of how they looked . . just a few days ago .. .

April 22, my son Caspian turned 18. EIGHTEEN. That simply seems impossible. He has been looking forward to it for ages because so many more opportunities open up at that age. In three weeks, he will leave to go to Zig Zag, a small town up on Mt. Hood, where he will spend a great deal of the summer living in a tent and building yurts and fences and a stage out on an organic farm with a group of other people. Why is it that I can help him get ready for this but whenever I look at him, I still see the white-haired toddler who loved to hide between the refridgerator and the stove?

And today, Coryn, the "baby" turned 15. FIFTEEN. Just . . . when? He is this tall, handsome young man like his brother (the two used to be asked if they were twins . . . now that they are almost adults, they are being asked again. They still bristle at the idea.) Yesterday I watched both of them helping friends move and lifting and carrying boxes and furniture and being MEN instead of my boys.

And just to enforce the idea of time passing, I turn 52 on Tuesday. Eeek. I swear I only feel 35 (on most days). When did those 50s sneak in there?

Ah well, they say time flies when you're having fun and if my years are going by this fast, then it simply means I having one wonderful life. That's a nice gift indeed.


Gary & Bev said...

Truly those pics were not all that long ago. Sigh!

Ami said...

Wow, someone ought to bake them a cake!

Nomadic Nicole said...

As one of those kids that keeps growing up on you, I just wanted you to know that every adventure we kids go on, half of the guts it takes is thanks to you. Our having guts, bravery, the drive to do what we do, that is in part to how we were raised. And even if my bros, (considering they are macho and all) don't mention it, know you got a thanks from me!