Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's Love

I realize that although I discuss the kids quite a bit here, I haven't talked much about the hubby lately. Today I've had extra reason to appreciate him. I was thinking how people can show that they love you in such quiet, subtle ways that mean everything.

Today we helped some friends of Nicole's move from one apartment to another. It was a lot of heavy lifting and going up and down stairs. Although I am wayyyyy better at that than I would have been six months ago before I lost weight (31 lbs so far) and lowered my BP, I'm still struggling a little thanks to a bum right wrist (Carpal tunnel) and some vertigo (nasty on stairs). My hubby kept passing me while he was in the midst of carrying couches and televisions and really heavy stuff and encouraging me to go rest and take it easy. When it came time to eat, he made his way through the crowd around the table and got me a chair. Brought me a glass of water without my asking. Gave me frequent kisses (and yeah, a few gropes). Asked repeatedly if I was doing all right.

All of that comes down to one thing . . . he loves me. I see that in his every gesture and I am so grateful for it. In his eyes, I truly am a beautiful, sexy, wonderful woman and it is a blessing to have someone see you that way. I have a good friend whose husband turns on the electric blanket when she is on the way home from work so the bed is toasty when she crawls in later. That is love. It is the love that lasts through the normal ups and downs of the relationship and the daily grind of life. It is the love that makes you look across the room and, just for a moment, forget about the fact that your back hurts, your bills exceed your income, the house needs a new roof and you aren't sure how to meet the needs of everyone else in the family, and smile at your partner because you know you're both very lucky people.

It's love. And wow, am I lucky to be one of those people.


WritingGoddess said...

Because, woman, damnit, you ARE beuticious, bodacious, and most beautiful.


Gary & Bev said...



Nomadic Nicole said...

That is so sweet. I loved the part about "connecting gazes across the room and temporarily forgetting about everyone and everything else." I always love and respect when someone captures the definition of love so well and I've always thought that to be you and dad.