Saturday, April 2, 2011

Vertigo, Limbo and Changes

These are dizzying, frustrating, challenging times, my friends. Top issues going on these days . . .

First, I got hit with a vertigo attack three days ago. Not the crisis level attack where I am vomiting and shaking and crying, but the afraid to turn head, stand up, lie down, move kind. If you've never had vertigo, it really is quite the experience. A scary merging of being drunk, dizzy, free falling, and in outer space where there is no gravity. You turn your head and the entire planet moves in a different direction. Nausea. Eyes jumping left and right out of your control. You get afraid to move at all. Little wonder I haven't driven in over a year, eh? Cannot imagine what might happen if I had one of those while behind the wheel. Wait. Yes, I can imagine it which is why I don't do it.

Second, we are living in limbo. Nicole was interviewed Wednesday for the job on the Alaska train. It was the second interview. They loved her and said she would know about the job on Friday. We waited and waited and finally called. She was told that they were calling with job offers that afternoon . . . and she was "most likely" on the list. . . but if we didn't hear, they would call for sure on Monday. Yes, Monday. Makes for a long weekend not knowing if she is supposed to be packing for Alaska or not. It is such a huge life change, it would be nice to know if it is happening or not. Sigh. Monday.

And finally, the changes (as if those weren't enough . . . ) We just changed cell phone services and we're all trying to learn how to work these new fangled things. Two of us got touch screens . . . and I just keep yelling, CORYN, how do I work this thing . . . makes me think of George Jetson on the treadmill calling for Jane . . . and how old that memory makes me. These phones make me feel old too. Technology is moving a little too fast for my comfort these days.

Everything else is going okay. Work is continuing to tax me (and don't even get me started on the topic of taxes themselves) and I am currently writing more than 800 assessments that are making my eyes cross and my fingers fall off. . . I'm on 350 and counting.

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Ellen said...

My best friend also suffers from vertigo, and now that you've brought up the driving issue, I'll have to ask her if she thinks that could be an concern for her.
Keeping my fingers crossed for Nicole!

Ami said...

I was pondering your title and thinking no wonder she has vertigo, she's too old to do the limbo.


I don't know what to tell you about Nicole and the wings she sprouted and the wish to leave the nest.

I can see both sides, since I do remember being young once. (A long damn time ago... I no longer Limbo, either.)

But I know she will fly well... and us mommy birds really want nothing more than to see our kids soar.


Murr Brewster said...

I can only imagine the vertigo. I once saw a presumably stationary dolly roll away next to me and I grabbed my desk and nearly threw up. And it was just the perception of moving.

Have you looked into the positional vertigo treatment where they move your head around to reposition the crystals or whatever is knocking around in your ear? I think it's called an Epley chair.