Thursday, April 7, 2011

Heading into Spring

We are seeing signs that spring really does plan to return to Portland this year. After the second wettest March in state history, the sun is peeking out now and then and making the colors of the jonquils, tulips and cherry blossoms sparkle and shine. Once again Joseph and I remark about the similarity of Portland in spring to a Candyland game board.

Other news . . . . I have hit 30 pounds lost now. This makes me exceedingly happy. Even better is that eating this way is getting easier all the time. That makes me ecstatic.

Nicole's moving plans are starting to escalate. She is cleaning up her room so she leaves it in good shape and finds exactly what she wants to take and not take. I am focusing on her happiness and will let the other stuff come later. When I'm ready. Yeah. Right.

She and I are taking the day to go to Seattle next week on Amtrak. That will be wonderful and fun and bittersweet and poignant. It is the first time we haven't gone as a whole family so that will be odd, but it will also be nice to shop where we want to without keeping the menfolk a'waitin for us.

Vertigo is better--not gone--but better. Joseph is sad because he likes it that I had to keep reaching out and grabbing him for balance. Of course, he liked some grabs far better than others.

That's the picture at the Orr house . . and speaking of pictures, we have asked our all time favorite photographer to come to the house before Nicole leaves to take a few new family portraits. We have changed quite a bit since a year ago when she took them. There is 100 plus pounds less of us, to start with. Plus the boys are TALL, Nicole's hair is longer and RED, and Joseph and I are just a tad grayer. The happiness shines through though.

Stay tuned.


Gary & Bev said...

You are going to post the pics, right???

Delaine said...

Tami, glad your vertigo is better! thinking of you as Nicole heads out for her adventure.
:) Delaine