Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Who Needs E-Harmony when you have Alaska?

I'm long married and very, very happily so, but I have some advice for you if you're single and female. Get thee to Alaska, girlfriend. The men there are waiting for you!

Nicole has been in Anchorage for only a few days and is already a big hit with the men. She has been hit on more in four days than she was in Portland in four years. She keeps calling me to report in the latest compliment, pass, come on and offer. We had been told the ratio of men to women there was 50 to 1 and apparently that isn't an exaggeration. Between the fact that she is damn cute, her red hair and wild wardrobe have resulted in people stopping her on the street to tell her how great she looks. Snicker. What fun this summer is going to be for our girl.

As for me? I am managing to de-stress fairly well, thanks to IMing, texting, emailing, calling and writing. I can't reach out and hug her but we still laugh and make inside jokes and even watch the same TV episodes long distance and comment. And my, how her adventures are keeping us all entertained. She goes for training on Monday, if she isn't carried off by some Alaskan harem by then.

Other aspects of life are going fine. Work is worrying me a little because I haven't gotten many jobs for the rest of the spring and early summer, but I have hopes that it will pick up and in the meantime, I'm reading the want ads for just the right receptionist/front desk job.

Our spring is taking forever in Portland. We are making records left and right for the wettest, coldest months in years. Damn. I need sunshine. I need warmth. If you've got a little extra where you live, send it this way would you? I'd be happy to send you a thank you note in return. Or a wedding invitation if this girl gets any more popular in the Great North . . . .

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