Sunday, October 30, 2011

29 Years . . . . Like 5 Minutes

Today is Joseph and my 29th wedding anniversary. (Does "my" need an apostrophe to make it possessive if it is already a possessive pronoun? I don't know . . .. some writer I am, eh?)
Anyway, 29 years ago we said "I do" and today, 10,585 days later, I know I would still say it--and even to the same guy. Snicker.
We had discussed going away to celebrate . .. camping, hotel, something. But in the end, thanks to problems with the vehicles and my stupid workload, we ended up staying home. I slept in and woke to a beautiful love letter on my keyboard. For me to write a love letter, not difficult. For him? Agony. So even more deeply appreciated.
So we are home and I could be disappointed, but I'm not. I slept in (a rarity for me), came down to find a wonderful letter and in a few minutes, I'm going to coffee with the sexiest, handsomest, kindest man on the planet. . . oh and Joseph can come too. Okay. Sorry. It was there.
Anyway, Happy Anniversary to us. I am sure the next 29 will fly by as well. As Joseph delights in telling people: Our time together of 29 years has felt like five minutes . . . .. (wait for it) . . . . underwater.

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Ami said...

Great to have scuba gear already built in, huh?

Happy, Happy, HAPPY anniversary to you! I'm wishing I'd purchased those b0ndage ropes for you now!

(((hugs)) to you both.