Monday, October 17, 2011

Welcome to the Orr's Dinner Table

Eating together at the table as a family is pretty important to all of us. It doesn't happen every single day thanks to work, friends, classes and other complications, but it happens the majority of the time.
Today at lunch, I was absolutely overwhelmed with the dynamics of the meal. All the kids are back home now, so we have five people sitting at the table. It's noisy. It's fun. It's probably a sociologist's nightmare . . .. :). So, in the hour we spent sitting there, we covered "Chucky" movies, vampire-staking toddlers, the size of King Kong's . . . . manly part, as they say, how much alcohol it takes to get drunk and how to recognize when you've gotten there (we don't drink, other than J's occasional beer or glass of wine, but J and I have memories), the origin of the idiom "the exception that proves the rule" (which then sparked Coryn, Nicole and I to sing lines from "You are the Only Exception" by Paramour) the whoooshing sound that a line in a play determined was the sound of angels overhead, and why there are so many spiders in the garden this year--oh, and even took a moment of quiet sadness in honor of a dear friend who lost their family dog today. In the midst of it all, I was attempting to establish the timeline for the afternoon of who needed to go where and when and what order we would do them in. Yeah, I gave up. Not in frustration or irritation. I gave up because I was laughing too hard.
I love, love, love being part of this family. Welcome to the Orr House.


Ami said...

We don't do the dinner table thing. But we often have huge rambling discussions that go ALL over the place.

It's my favorite thing.

And thanks for the kind thoughts about the dog, we are all doing fine this evening, it was time and she is no longer in pain and feeling so awful and confused.

Bev said...

Thanks for sharing. It sounds absolutely heavenly. :D:D

So sorry, Ami, about Maggie. They really do become a part of the family.