Thursday, October 13, 2011

Back to the Basics

I am very lucky that my husband does not do the "I told you so" dance.
Actually, HE is very lucky. If he did, I would have to hurt him.

In January, we went on the paleo diet. In three plus months, I lost more than 30 lbs. Moreover, the blood pressure issue that has haunted me for the past few years was no longer a problem. It dropped from its usual 180/100 (on full meds) to 100/70 (some days even lower). It wasn't easy but I was pleased about the side effects. Then, as time passed, we slipped off the diet . . . a little here, a little there until finally, we were back to eating like we had. To be honest, Nicole and I were the most responsible diet wise. We ate a truckload of salads, avoided bread, didn't eat much fried foods and dessert was a rare treat. Despite that, I stopped losing weight (didn't gain it back though) and my BP crept up again. Sigh. I tried quitting coffee, walking five times a week--nothing made it drop.

So, today we are back to paleo. I don't want to worry about my BP. It becomes this ridiculous spiral of worrying makes me tense which makes it go up which makes me worry which makes me tense . . . and so on. Instead, I want to relax and know that I'm not going to have a health crisis when I least expect it. I have so much work on my "platter" right now, I need breaks wherever I can find them.

As of this morning, we are back on it. I had a paleo breakfast--which is NOTHING new. I often do. However, when I was done, I checked my BP. 147/90. WHY? It can't be in reaction to a diet that just started a few hours ago. Grrrrrr. Wish I knew the patterns to look for. In the meantime, I will just keep an eye out to make sure Joseph is NOT doing that dance.

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