Monday, October 31, 2011

And for THIS week . . . .

Continuing my theme of "Just what does Tami write anyway?" (What?! You didn't know there was such a theme? You're clearly not paying close enough attention.)

This week I have THREE different training sessions for three different projects. The first one was a meeting about how I should write the online and on ground lessons for a web design course for college students. The second one is about how to create in-class activities for Kindergartners. The third one is about writing items for employees who will be working in restaurants and with food.
In between these sessions, I am writing an American Lit course, researching electric trains, writing about heat waves, and preparing to write two poems with matching passages.

And the family wonders why, when they ask something innocent like, "What time do we have our class today?" or "Why are we out of toilet paper?", mother just falls over in a gelatinous puddle on the floor and whimpers.

Yes, you're welcome for that image.

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