Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Little Smug?

I am feeling pretty pleased with myself of late. I've stuck to the diet . . . no, sorry . . . LIFESTYLE change . . . for almost 7 weeks now. When I started walking, I could go to the end of the street and back. Now I'm on the track 4-5 times a week, doing as many as six laps (1.5 miles) in a day, plus the walk there and back. In between, I walk throughout the neighborhood, plus I've been doing the Health Rider 3 times a week.

Weight loss continues, although slower as my body adjusts to what I'm doing (which is why I keep doing different exercises) and I'm down 24.5 lbs.  My blood sugar numbers are staying between 97 and 125 and my blood pressure is fine on about 1/4 of the medicine I used to take. Now, if I can ace this upcoming MRI and get my eyes to the point where I can read again, I will consider this "reboot" officially a good thing.

Work is going well . . . I'm behind, but not to the point of tears yet. I"m JUST keeping up, but I need to because I've got a staggering $14,000 in medical bills to pay, plus a roof to finish.

So, just for the moment, I gotta admit, I am feeling a little bit smug. Is that allowed?


Jacki said...

Good for you! And don't worry about falling behind on the writing thing. You'll catch up! I'm so glad that you're feeling better and doing so well! Keep up the good work! ♥

Ami said...

of course it's allowed!
but the whole making lemons out of lemonade/looking at the bright side thing??

It may be sort of... weird.


Medical Librarian said...

You deserve to feel a little smug. Congrats!!

Medical Librarian said...

You deserve to feel a little smug. Congrats!!