Monday, July 22, 2013

Perfect Example

Ok, I admit our family has a perverse and somewhat wicked or illicit sense of humor. I should perhaps be ashamed, but now the kids are all too old for Child Services to come around, I really can say I'm proud of it.

Perfect example.
Last night, dinner time was approaching. For a million stressful reasons, there was nothing in the house to make and the usual cook (Joseph) wasn't feeling his best. Tummies were rumbling, so Nicole went online and got a tasty looking paleo recipe. Together we made a list of the few ingredients we needed and didn't have. She and Caspian went to the store and got them, brought them home, and cooking commenced.

45 minutes later a delicious looking meal was on the table.
We all took a bite and . . . frowned.
We took another  and . . looked at each other.
What was wrong with it? Chicken . . ok. Pineapple .. ok. Red pepper . . ok. Carrots . . ok. It didn't taste spoiled, it tasted incredibly BITTER. EVEN THE TEENAGE BOYS COULD NOT EAT IT. Proof it was inedible right there.
(We finally realized it was the grated fresh ginger. Although we had just gotten it, apparently the store had had it a while and it had turned very bitter.)

So, yes, we were all very disappointed--and still quite hungry. A waste of money, food, and time. How did the Orr family respond, however?

Joseph started it by saying, "It was bad ginger that did it."
Me: Bad Ginger? Sounds like a porn movie title.
Kids start laughing.
Me: Tonight's triple-X feature, "Bad Ginger" .  . . . watch what she can do to YOUR chicken.

Okay, perhaps inappropriate to some. But we finished the meal laughing and sharing a watermelon between the five of us.

It made me smile. Perfect example of the Orr sense of humor.

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Ami said...

Is it inappropriate that the first thing I thought of with 'bad ginger' was Prince Harry?

We all know he has, er, pornographic thoughts.

And allow me to express how shocked I am that your family is so perverted. I'm glad my family is so... angelic.