Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gout Be Gone!

Gout was something I had never heard of until about two years ago. My first experience with it was pretty hideous. I compared it to having glass shards embedded into your foot and then lit on fire. Since then, I've learned what does and does not trigger an episode with me, as well as what symptoms to watch for to signal it's back.

Apparently  . . I forgot. I ate a dish with anchovies in it (I despise anchovies most of the time but in this dish, they are amazing) and about 36 hours later, bam! My foot began to feel tight. I procrastinated doing anything because I was out of the medication for it. Finally I checked with my pharmacy (yes, thank you Nicole and Joseph for nagging me to do it) and I had a prescription refill left. HAPPINESS. Six pills--$40!

I took the first two doses and waited. My foot continued to swell, turn red, and inflamed. For the first time, the pills didn't seem to knock it one bit. In fact, when I went to bed last night, I ended up snuggled with Joseph and crying because of the pain. I took something for it and finally drifted off to sleep, waking every time I moved. (My sweet husband brought a small box to bed and put it under the covers so I could put my foot next to it and the covers wouldn't touch. Gosh, he is a sweetie.) Now it's 4:30 a.m. and I am up again for another dose and more pain medication because damn, it is NOT any better. Only one pill left, so it had better work soon!

Yesterday I pushed through and finished two assignments. Today I have two more to tackle. What I want to do is spend the day on the couch with my foot elevated and chanting, "Gout, be gone!" every few minutes. Read, nap, repeat, until this is gone. Will I do this? Unlikely, but it sounds good.

Thanks for coming by just to read me bitching and whining. It doesn't help my foot, but it helps my heart.

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Nomadic Nicole said...

If "gout be gone" was as easy as "demon be gone" I would call the Winchesters for you in a heartbeat.