Monday, November 10, 2014

Keeping Up!

If you've read many blog posts here, you know that I tend to ping pong between a lot of different topics for my writing assignments in any given day. Let me give you a glimpse into what I will be doing this week, for example:

1. Attending TWO phone conferences, each one launching a new project. I will have to get up to speed on their unique templates, guidelines, and requirements.
2. Writing a 4th grade passage about Arthur Conan Doyle.
3. Writing 15 PRE Kindergarten items on inferences, analogies, and classifications.
4. Writing a Power Point module for employers about disabilities in the workplace.
5. Researching and writing a book about walking sticks (the insects that is.)
6. Writing 54 items over a children's book.
7. Researching the life of Hilary Clinton for a book.

Yes, that is THIS WEEK. In between them, I will make some mail art, write 8 or 10 letters, video chat with my far away daughter, help my sons in whatever they need, IM with Amimental, spend time with Joseph, eat an occasional meal, read a few more chapters in the three books I'm reading and, if I'm lucky, shower and sleep (not simultaneously, I hope).

I'm tired just thinking about it. Better fit in time for some coffee!

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