Thursday, November 6, 2014

Time Keeps on Slipping, Slipping, Slipping . . .

(Did you finish that lyric in your head? If so, you must be around my age or have someone in your life who plays hits from the 1970s. Yes, I will hold on while you Google it to see what the rest of the line is because you are too young to know it or so old you forgot it. You're welcome.)

So--life is good here, but running me a little ragged trying to keep up. I've had a pretty nasty back and leg issue since mid-August, necessitating a cane most of the time and a walker if I'm walking around for more than 30 minutes. I hate, hate, hate it. Makes me feel 110 years old, despite my sweet kids naming the walker "Pippin" just to make me feel better. Please love me, but don't send me a long lecture on why I should go to the doctor for this. I know I should but it is much more complicated than that. For now, I will continue to ice it, wear a Tens unit, take OTC painkillers, limp, and swear a lot. Oh, and keep thinking that if I wait long enough, IT WILL HEAL on its own.  (Did you just compare me to an ostrich? I could hear you from here.)

Kid report--all are doing great. Nicole has been in Australia for over a month now. She has had such fun already and this week, she moves into her own apartment. We talk daily, since we can choose from IMing, FB chat, email, Skype, or cell phone. (Ah, the wonders of the modern world.) She is deep into her Nanowrimo novel, and going to tons of fun write ups with others in Oz.

Caspian--he may be leaving us soon too, for an internship in Connecticut at the American School for the Deaf. He has been wanting to learn more ASL and get "immersed" in it and we found this opportunity. He is waiting for the final "yes", but it is looking like he will leave in January.

Coryn--working full time at the airport and still grinding his teeth over the early hours (as are we, since we provide morning transportation). For the first time, I saw him look at possibly moving up in the company in a few months time. That could be interesting--would love to see a job shift more into a career. He is only 18, so has time, but still!

Joseph--preparing to drop the engine in the VW bus again. I am pretty sure the man could do it blindfolded by now. Just as he does NOT understand a number of my personal passions (mail art, letter writing, PURSES!), I cannot fathom why anyone would want a vehicle that demands so much time, skill, money, and knowledge to get it to run. Same with this vintage audio equipment he is collecting fast and furious. I don't get it, but since I'm 55 now, I am just grateful he is into vintage! :)

Me? My back and  leg are kind of awful and make moving anything from uncomfortable to agony, so I pick and choose carefully. Mostly, I sit in this chair and type, type, type. Work is rolling in as fast as I could ever want it to, and I am always so grateful that I have managed to create a business that is successful, can be done from home, and puts my best skill and interest to work. I may not always enjoy my topic, but I virtually always enjoy the process.

Overall, I am feeling quite blessed with my family, my friends, and my work. And if my back and leg don't heal up soon, I may go all postal on it and cut it off, thus losing a lot of weight very quickly and creating a better reason to keep that walker handy.

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