Monday, November 10, 2014

Now What?

Most of you DOZEN of readers know that I like writing letters. Naturally, I enjoy writing to some more than others. But  today I got a letter that honestly boggled my mind.

I can read almost anyone's handwriting if I try. Until today.

It was an introduction letter, i.e. the first one. It was four pages of college ruled notebook paper. Both sides.

In pencil. But wait . . .that's not it.

There was not a single paragraph break--in the entire letter.

No, wait!


That's right. No periods. No commas. No question marks.

One LONG sentence from beginning to end.

She did not dot her I's. She did not cross her t's.

I gave up trying to read it after the first page. I feel badly . . . . I'm sure it was a sincere letter and it took her time to write it, but . . . it was absolutely illegible. How do I tell her this?

I wrote a polite card and will hope I didn't offend her. But goodness. . . she is the daughter of an English teacher. How can you NOT USE PERIODS?

Okay, rant about done now. Thanks for listening. I just don't get this . . . .

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Nomadic Nicole said...

She is cuckoo for coco puffs. Write to me instead.