Monday, November 17, 2014

Meet my Soulmate

I tend to write a lot about my job, my kids--but feel I sometimes overlook the person who helps make it all possible. My husband.

Joseph and I have been married for 32 years now, and I think I have come to appreciate him more with each passing year. Let me show you why.

On an almost daily basis, Joseph:

  • does all of the dishes and all of the cooking
  • gets up at 4:30 a.m. to take his sons to work (without complaint!)
  • gets my walker in and out of the car and sets it up for me (and then tells me I look sexy using it!)
  • helps me get dressed on the bad mornings when my back hurts too much to bend
  • brings me my slippers even before I mention it's cold
  • opens every door for me
  • walks behind me in stores with a cart, so I can keep my walker free to sit on
  • brings me a chair and has me sit down while he dries my hair since, once again, he knows it hurts my back to do so
  • actually believes I am beautiful
  • listens to me rant about work
  • listens to his kids and helps them in any way he can
  • puts up with the neverending mess that is paper, purses, books, and collectibles
  • compliments me to every one he meets
  • stops and helps any driver with a flat tire, engine problem, or anyone else he sees in need
  • makes me laugh
  • gets coconut water for me at the store even though it ain't cheap, but he knows how much I like it
  • makes every single day of life with him a pleasure.
I am one lucky, lucky lady. Of course, since Joseph is also a man, he will somehow translate all of this into sexual favors. Sheeeesh. :) 


Jackie Parkins said...

You are very lucky. Men like Joseph are few and very far between.

Anonymous said...

How truly blessed you are! You and I must be related because I have apparently married Joseph's twin brother.

Nomadic Nicole said...

As I've said before, you and dad and the way you treat each other are the inspiration for what I want in a marriage, for what I want from the man who loves me.