Tuesday, January 17, 2012

EEEK! Winter!

For days, they have been predicting a mix of rain and snow. It spit a little here and there and then disappeared. Meh. After growing up in Indiana, this was nuthin'.
Then, tonight, while no one was even looking outside, it snowed. The ground was covered! One kid was heading to bed, one was in the middle of cleaning her room and the third was online and I yelled, "It snowed!" Suddenly, all were outside, throwing snowballs and laughing. Nicole was taking pics and Coryn was rushing over to hand me his iPod so I could keep it safe inside. I hear laughter outside and a snowman is in the works. By tomorrow night, it will most likely have already melted, but the memory of my kids playing and laughing--that one will hang around in my heart for a long time.