Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year, New Plans

So, do you set New Year's resolutions in your house? Even if I momentarily forgot, Nicole would remind me because stating those goals, one person at a time around the dinner table is very important to her and she goads us until we cooperate. :)

So far, the changes in this house have evidenced themselves in a variety of ways. Coryn is suddenly determined to learn lots of new stuff and is picking up the guitar again and asking me to teach him French. (I took 7 years of it in school but haven't done anything with it since!) Caspian, that unbelievably stubborn young man, started the P90X exercise program at the beginning of the year. Of course this meant replacing the trim around his doorway so he could put a chin up bar there and buying resistance bands and cleaning up the living room so he had room to work in front of the TV . . but you know, he has lost 7 plus pounds in a week and is up every morning filling our living room with the smell of determination and hard work. :) Nicole has been rearranging her room and her life priorities, including travel plans for the year. Joseph has been working on changing the garage and not screaming about the clutter all over the house.

Me? I've been searching for better, smarter jobs rather than MORE jobs . . . trying to arrange a little more time for relaxing . . . and yesterday I managed to wrangle my inner bitch into silence--I was pleased with me. We have been helping someone who needs it, but it has turned into more time and more complexity than I had planned on and when I wanted to just complain, I didn't. Swallowed, smiled, kept going. Although I must admit . . . . I was trying to talk to an Asian woman in a salon, asking her where my friend was and the ONLY English this woman knew was, "You want your hair done? You want your nails done? Hair or nails?" No matter what I said to her, that is how she responded. I finally went, "JUST FERGITIT!" and walked out. Yes, the inner bitch ALMOST got out, but I clamped her mouth shut just in time.

So changes are in the wind . . . . let's see where they get carried, shall we? Happy new year friends.

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