Friday, January 13, 2012

Introducing . . . .Great Lines

Okay, when I read a really GREAT line in a book, I always want everyone to stop what they are doing (including total strangers in the near vicinity) and LISTEN to it. Then Oooooh and Ahhhhhh over its intricacy, its clever turn of phrase, its amazing tone or ability to engage the reader . . . . usually everyone tolerates me, except fellow writer Nicole, who truly does appreciate those lines as much as I do.

So, since I am sitting in front of the computer and just read one of those lines, I have decided to post them whenever I can under the heading of "Great Lines". Then you can read and ignore me too! :)

Today's great line comes from page 6 in a library book I picked up today (as if the 10,000 books i have in my bedroom aren't enough, I need to check out books . . . . ) called STARTING FROM HAPPY. It's quite amusing thus far and I loved this description line . . "Tall and thin, with jutting cheeks and fiery red hair, she looked like a kitchen match that stubbornly would not light." Oooh, now isn't that a GOOD description?

Oooh. Aahhhhh. Great line.
I return you to your regularly scheduled life.


Ami said...

I like that!

My favorite description came from a Paul Simon song.

He was a mean individual. He had a heart like a bone. He was a naturally crazy man and better off left alone.

Bev said...

I like that description, Tami. Not only do you get a picture of what she looked like, but you get a good look at her personality-"a kitchen match that stubbornly would not light." She is stubborn and strong and very individual-not one to follow politely along with someone else's agenda.