Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good News, Bad News

Good news? Sure!
Coryn went to the dentist today, so the good news is that (1) the dentist is a lovely, gentle man who does not hurt my children; (2) after a 4 year absence, Coryn only had two very shallow cavities; (3) the two teeth that had to be pulled came out so easily and quickly that neither Coryn nor I even noticed until it was done and (4) the entire experience was over quickly and was not stressful.
Bad news? Well . . . yeah.
The cost for all of this? I was thinking $400.
I. Was. Wrong.
I could get $90 off if I paid in full today, but heck that was still $810. So . . . no . . . .. instead, it will be three payments of $300 over three months, because man, I don't have an extra grand sitting around without purpose.
I'm trying really, really, really hard to focus on the good news part of the day.


Julie said...

Ouch! That sounds really expensive.

Bev said...

You really should do your dentistry out here in the sticks. Stuff don't cost as much here as it does there.

OUCH! That is pretty stiff.