Monday, January 16, 2012

Hair or Nails?

Okay, going out on a non-PC limb here . . . .one of my pet peeves in life (besides people spitting on sidewalks .....what is UP with that?!) is people who work in the public arena in this country but don't know the language. I am sure that it is a very, very difficult language to learn--heck, even those of us born here struggle with some of the funky grammar rules--and I know that moving here from another country must have enormous changes and demands and requirements--really, I do. But please, please, please, for the love of all that is clear . . . can you start by learning just a few basics? I promise you, I SWEAR to you, that if I move to your country, I will learn the language. I won't expect you to cater to me--I will listen to CDs and read books and talk to people until I have a handle on your language. Really. So . . . please do the same.

Why this rant? I recently took a friend to a salon to get a perm. I dropped her off and then came back 90 minutes later to pick her up. I walked in and didn't see her so I explained I was here to pick her up--was she ready?
The response?
"You want your hair done?"
No . . . . . I am here to pick up a friend.
"You want your nails done?"
Grrrrr. No . . . . I.Am.Here.To.Pick.Up.A.Friend.
"Hair or nails?"
At this point, the usually patient Tami shook her head and said a very exasperated OHFERGETIT! and walked out . . . and yes, I slammed the door a bit.
Went next door to see my friend just finishing up.
Any guesses what the women asked me when I walked in the door?
"You want your hair done?"


Ami said...

So did you get your hair done? Because it looked just the same last time I saw you.


WritingGoddess said...

Nasty woman, Ami. Grrrrrrrr.