Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Jackie of all Topics!

Ok, but Jack of all Trades didn't sound right . . .

Last night on the radio, John Tesh, dispenser of wisdom for all ages, said that one of the keys to the prevention of Alzheimer's was actively using your brain to read and learn new ideas and subjects. I have decided that if this is true, I am impervious to Alzheimer's. Here is why.

For your intense viewing pleasure, I would like to share with you the topics I have written about in the last 21 days. The least I wrote was 150 words (a few poems) and the most 8,500 (a book). This is why Tami's head wants to explode sometimes.

How we remember (ironic, eh?)
Farmer's markets
K2 mountain
American government
World history/spread of Islam
Hurricane Katrina
Ben Carson
Building an anemometer
Medical and non-medical dialogues
Folk tales
Tall Tales
Workplace Diversity
Olympic gold medalists
How to find something you lost
Coral reefs
Nocturnal animals
Back to school night
Aristotle's ethos, pathos, and logos
Jacques Cousteau
Paavo Nurmi
Basic bicycle care
The Spanish inquisition
R2 Robonaut
Zion national park
Natural resources
Marketing and Sales

In three weeks.
Now if I could retain it all, I could go on "Jeopardy", win millions, retire and only write about what I wanted to.


Ami said...

Jesus God, Harold.

Ellen said...

You know, with your wide range of interests, you'd be a natural at homeschooling! : )

Jackie said...

Did I hear my name taken in vain?? :-) Mold? Really? That's quite a list, quite a list indeed. I think my favorite is Paavo Nurmi.

Anonymous said...

I'm serious-- If I'm ever in Cash Cab or on Jeopardy-- you are my "shout out" person for the hard answers. I don't know how you do all of this!! You ROCK girlfriend!! Love ya, Leanne

Derrick said...

Think I saw something on the inquisition. Had Mel Brooks and there was a lot of singing. Hey it was stated History Of The World (pt. 1) So it had to be factual, right?