Tuesday, February 12, 2013

If I could . . . .

If I could say anything to the editors and companies I work for . . .it would be this . . . .

When you tell me that:

  • you have misplaced my invoice
  • you need my invoice on a different form
  • your accounting person is on vacation or maternity leave
  • you are changing accounting systems
  • your payment system had a glitch
  • you can't find my W-9 form and need another one
  • you overlooked my original invoice, so please resend
  • your process just changed from 30 days to 45 or 90 days
This is what happens on my end because YOU are the only money I get. If it isn't in the mailbox, I don't have any income. I have no regular "payday. So when you don't send the check when I am expecting you to: 
  • We don't go out for coffee
  • We don't fill up the gas tank
  • We don't pay our bills on time
  • We start buying groceries at the Dollar Tree
  • We skip meals
  • We fall behind on utilities
  • We empty our coin jars
  • We empty our savings accounts
So, please, PLEASE, try to pay your writers on time. You have no idea what a domino effect it can have when you send an email letting us know the check we expected three days ago has been delayed a week, two weeks, a month--or more. It isn't fun, it isn't easy, and it makes my work that much harder. 

Thus end today's public service announcement. 

1 comment:

Ami said...

Gahhh. So sorry. Once again getting screwed by the people you work so hard for.

I can contribute a bit to the grocery fund if you need it.