Thursday, February 28, 2013

On the Downhill Slide

Well, to my vast life experience, I can now add gout.

I would have preferred to have missed this one, actually. To say it is painful is quite the understatement. I am on day 5 and I am just now able to put my whole foot on the floor again. I am keeping it elevated and iced and if someone bumps it, I still cry, but it is better. I am thinking by Monday, it will be gone.

If you've experienced a decent amount of pain in your life, you know that there are different qualities to them. Some are deep and achey, some sharp and needle like . . .etc. I have also found I react differently to them. With gout, I cry. It is an emotional pain. When the dog stepped on my foot and everyone was sorry but chuckling at my swearing, I went in the bathroom and cried. I put my head down on my keyboard and cry. I sneak into another room and cry. One of my kids hugs me and I cry. This is NOT like me. I rarely cry with pain. Swear? YES. Cry? No. Gout is an entirely different story.

But let me tell you the silver lining of this story. My family. Wow. They have helped me walk, and get up and down the stairs. They have brought me food and water and medication. They have warmed up heat packs for my back and grabbed the ice pack for my foot. They have listened to me whine and hugged me when I cried and put up my rampaging emotions. Nicole is virtually telepathic and can sense what I need before I open my mouth. Caspian's strong arms have acted as my crutches multiple times. Coryn's amazing hugs encourage me even as he is making me laugh. Joseph, poor man, has been at my side throughout it all (only bumping my foot a few times in the process.)

I may be cursing this damn gout, but I am feeling blessed by the family sharing it with me.


Jackie said...

I love that even in the face of such debilitating pain, you can find the silver lining. Your family rocks, no doubt about it! I hope the gout leaves you soon and you are back on your feet - literally - and without pain. Never give up, never surrender!

Medical Librarian said...

I'm sorry that you're feeling this kind of pain. I'm glad that your family is there for you.